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A General military discharge is a form of administrative discharge. In most circumstances, a commander must disclose the reasons for the General

My question is, what are the chances of keeping my secret clearance and what is the possibility of ever

Will mysecurityclearance be granted faster if I have immediate family members who have

SecurityClearance FAQs. What Kind of SecurityClearances Are There?

This level of clearance will grant the right to access designated documents with markings of Protected A, B

However, your securityclearance will be jeopardized if your bankruptcy is tightly linked to ill-advised behavior: reckless

In general, securityclearance decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and take into account specific factors and guidelines designed to assess your security risk.

Typically, filing for bankruptcy will not effect your securityclearance. Though there are some circumstances which it could cause problems.

If you have a securityclearance and get arrested for Driving under the Influence (“DUI”), it won’t take you long before you

General National SecurityClearance Questions Answered by Our Attorneys.

Will that affectmysecurityclearance? This is one of those issues where popular opinion and public policy are ahead of federal law.

Will my Secret clearance be affected? A. Guideline F (Financial Considerations) of the Adjudicative Guidelines applies equally to Secret, Top Secret, and SCI.

If you have a securityclearance for your occupation and end up getting charged for a criminal or drunk driving

Securityclearance overview. The military possesses information and technology which could be helpful to our enemies.

I do not have securityclearance because I have dual citizenship and will not give up my foreign citizenship and my supervisor said I cannot

Generally, the loan discharge will not affect Medicaid coverage. For Medicaid beneficiaries whose eligibility is based on “Modified Adjusted Gross Income” (MAGI), the discharge will not affect Medicaid coverage during the three-year monitoring period.

They will probably interview you about this (they asked me about my "foreign entanglements"

A securityclearance is a status granted to individuals allowing them access to classified information. Those trying to get a clearance may have questions such as how does one go about attaining a clearance? And, what are the different levels? As well as other questions.

Securityclearance procedures are somewhat intrusive and extremely heavy on paperwork. So to make your life a little easier, we’ve created a crash

A securityclearance investigation ensures that you are eligible for access to national security information. The investigation focuses on your

Your divorce can affect your securityclearance in only three ways: You have a divorce before you need a securityclearance, and

It also will not discharge debts that fall into the following categories: some debts incurred within 180 days prior

In general, expect a CONFIDENTIAL or SECRET clearance to take between 1 and 3 months. A TOP SECRET clearance commonly takes more

As a result, I am often asked “will my divorce affectmy employment” or, more commonly, “could committing adultery impact mysecurityclearance?”

How will this impact my ability to get contracts? I do most of my work for the public sector including the criminal justice sector, for

A securityclearance is required to access confidential information. If you’re a government employee or work for certain government contractors, then you

Generally, three types of discharges may be automatically acceptable to the VA when it comes to evaluating home loan eligibility: Honorable (HON), Under Honorable Conditions (UHC) and General (GEN). There are other discharge scenarios where veterans may be able to move forward right away...

Your securityclearance can be suspended or revoked at any time. A suspension or revocation can occur as a result of an incident report or as a result of information discovered during the course of... #nicolesmith #securityclearance #tullyrinckey.

It is generally the most appropriate securityclearance for state and local law enforcement officials that do not routinely work on an FBI Task Force or in an FBI facility.

And if securityclearance is a requirement for your position, you need to understand how to maintain it, so that your financial standing isn’t further jeopardized by a lack or downgrade in employment.

Is mysecurityclearance transferable to other government agencies? All Australian securityclearances granted by the AGSVA and other authorised

How it affects your ability to get a job depends on the kind of job, and on the current status of your

Alexis avoided a generaldischarge by leaving the service through the early enlisted transition program.

Will my clearance be transferable to other federal agencies? Reciprocity is the acknowledgement and acceptance of an existing background investigation

A securityclearance is a determination by the United States Government that a person is eligible for access to classified information.

I was wondering what happens if I am denied the TS clearance I need for my MOS and my AIT? Does the Army just assign a different MOS without my having a choice in the matter, or if it does give me a choice and I don't like the new MOS and/or the lower clearance (if any) am I free to to be discharged...