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Ya petrol and diesel both aregood Apart from the entry-level car segment comprising the likes of Alto, Eon, Kwid, etc., almost every car

Petrol vs diesel cars which is cheaper and best? Read our Which? guide to buying a petrolordiesel car in the UK. We look at fuel economy

Diesel or petrol, that’s the question. New carsare pretty expensive items with popular cars like the Toyota Corolla starting at R230,500. You want to get the best value whenever you buy a car and one of the choices you need to make is between a petrol and a diesel engine in your new vehicle.

Whichcarisbetterdiesel car or petrol car? It depends on what your needs are: if you want to get better mileage get a diesel or hybrid petrol car - but they cost more to buy than regular carsthat run on unleaded.

Choosing petrolordiesel power is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make before buying a new car. What’s going to bebest for your type of motoring, for the environment and your wallet? Here you can get the facts to help you decide and tips for cutting your fuel costs. Which isbetter based on...

Petrolordieselcars, which isbest? Looking at the purchase price, fuel costs, MPG, vehicle tax to decide the advantages of both petrol and diesel engines.

Petrolordiesel? It's one of the first questions car buyers should resolve before they even get to body type, make or model. Which isbetter for you will

PetrolorDiesel? Not that long ago that would have been a rhetorical question with the answer being, well, unless you were a farmer, petrol.

Diesel is more economical if you do lots of miles but if you only doing short distances petrolisbetter because dieselcars have a dpf (die ... read more. A petrol engine is known as gasoline engine, an internal combustion engine with spark-ignition A diesel engine is known as compression-ign...

Car buyers are often troubled by the thought of whichcar to opt for – a petrolordiesel.

Which isbest, petrolordiesel? Stephen Ottley puts both through their paces. CarArticle - drive.com.au.

Diesel's other advantage is thatit has a much higher compression ratio than unleaded petrol, which makes it more efficient.

Diesel cars have more torque and can be more economical, but cost more to service. Find out if you should buy a petrolordieselcar with Canstar Blue.

Both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles have pros and cons but which isbetter? We list 8 things you should consider before you buy your next car.

In short, diesels are more expensive to buy, and to tax, but offer better fuel economy. They also provide better pulling power - the shove that you feel

Diesel carsare approximately 1 lakhs costlier than a petrol car. So whichcarisbetterpetrolordiesel ? For diesel car investment is higher but its better fuel efficiency helps reduce expenses on fuel. Therefore a question comes to everybody’s mind, whichcar to buy petrolordiesel .

Find out whichcarisbest for you, petrol cars ordiesel cars. Our automobile experts will help you decide whether you should go for a petrolordiesel car.

Choosing between a petrolordiesel engine is obviously getting tougher, because even though they remain fundamentally different in design and function, the variations in their performance characteristics are becoming less pronounced. The key financial decisions are purchase price, fuel economy...

The discussion on buying petrolordieselcaris an age-old argument and concerns every new car customer.Determining which vehicle to buy is tricky enough and, above that, you have to decide, in the long run, which satisfies your requirements the best. 3Basic Factors are –.

Which is not to say all diesel is bad. In fact, if you’re buying a larger car, it’s really the only viable option as petrol engines and hybrids haven’t yet caught up to the point where they can offer reasonable fuel economy in, say, a large executive saloon or a big SUV.

Getting good quality petrol is a problem too. I guess you will bebetter off with an adulterated fuel on a diesel engine than on a petrol engine.

Answer to this question should be divided in two parts one is cheaper to run and maintain and other part is which will do better job.As far as petrol engine goes it has advantage even before u drive out of showroom ,price difference add thousands to your pocket if u bought dieselcar.

Deciding whichcar to buy is difficult enough and, on top of that, you have to figure out which of the two fuel options- petrolordiesel will suit your needs the best. There are so many factors to take into account and that can make things very complicated. We have compiled a list of simple factors you...

To buy a caris no easy task. In fact, there are so many models and variants available in the market today thatit is almost impossible to fix your mind on one car. Additionally, the decision to go for a petrolor a diesel version might leave you completely overwhelmed .

The petrolordiesel debate has enthused and confused drivers for decades - and has been little helped by growing air quality concerns.

Q. I am contemplating buying a new dieselcar but have been told diesel engines aren’t best suited to my typical car use, which mostly consists of short trips of a mile or so.

There are complex petrol vs diesel calculations out there to determine if you must choose a Petrol engine or a Diesel for your next car. They are arithmetic in nature, and only look at the economics of owning a Petrol vs a Diesel. Just one problem – most car buyers find them far too complex...

Choosing petrolordiesel power is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make before buying a new car. What’s going to bebest for your type of motoring, for the environment and your wallet? Here you can get the facts to help you decide and tips for cutting your fuel costs.

Hybrid cars which cannot be plugged in and attract lower subsidies, were usually a little more expensive than petrolordieselcars.

Traditionalists may argue that petrolcarsarebetter to drive than diesels. The main reason for this is that diesel cars have a much smaller power band, so you generally get more torque but spread over a smaller rev band. This problem is amplified by turbocharging, which is employed on most diesel...

Having said that, dieselcarsare in high demand and usually hold their value better than the petrol alternatives, so if you regularly change your car, diesel may well be the better option. Fuel costs It will not have escaped any driver's attention that fuel prices have risen dramatically in the last few months.

While petrolcarsare usually cheaper than diesel, the latter offers better fuel economy and therefore brining down the running cost. Here in this short comparison from the buyers’ perspective to make things easier. We have tried our best to include parameters that can help you narrow down on the...

It was once thought thatdiesel engines were too noisy, and were slower and less clean than their petrol equivalents, but this is no longer the case

Of course, there are plenty of good reasons for picking one over the other. But as petrolcars become more efficient, a subtle but telling

When considering whichcar type to buy you may be faced with the decision of what engine type to choose. So will it be diesel or will it be petrol? Common knowledge is thatdiesel engines offer better fuel economy, and some believe they arebetter for the environment.

The perception thatdiesel engines are more reliable than petrol ones. You are also likely to find that your brand new diesel has retained more of its value when you come to sell it on. if you are buying new, consider the cost of servicing your car. Although the period between services tends to be longer...

Is a dieselcar - or SUV - right for you? Especially if you’ve never owned one before? This report is, basically, diesel for dummies.

Petrol engines are made in a way to prevent excessive pressures on the engine. They have lighter parts which provide high revs which make the engine perform better.

However, which, realistically, is the stronger in today’s motoring industry? Mark Holland, Managing Director at luxury car dealership, John Holland, gives CEO Today the low

One of the common questions that have to be answered during the car selection process is whether to choose petrolordiesel as the fuel for the vehicle. Though it might seem like a simple choice, this often-overlooked factor can affect the overall driving experience as well as the...