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"Of the subtypes of healthinsurance, employment-based insurance covered the most people (55.4 percentof the population), followed by Medicaid (19.5 percent), Medicare (16.0 percent), direct-purchase (14.6 percent) and

With company-provided healthinsurance, the employer must contribute a minimum percentage and employees pay the remaining amount, usually

Health care and the high court – The constitutionality of the 2,409-page act was challenged by 26 states. The most controversial aspect of the law -- the "individual mandate" -- would require individuals not coveredbyinsurance via their employer or the government to purchase and maintain minimal...

Job-based healthplans covered almost 56 percentofAmericans, followed by 19.4 percent coveredby Medicaid, and 16.7 percent coveredby Medicare. Another 16.2 percentofAmericans bought private individual healthplans, which includes Obamacare plans sold on government exchanges.

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The percentageof people with healthinsurancecoverage for all or part of 2015 was 90.9 percent

Do you think covering an extra few percentageof people is worth spending $850 billion??

Others are scraping by. While the share ofAmericans without healthinsuranceis near historic lows four years after the Affordable Care Act extended coverage to

Public (government/social) healthinsurancecoverageis independent of the scope of cost-sharing. Private healthinsurance (PHI) comprises insurance schemes financed through private health premiums, i.e., payments that a policyholder agrees to make for coverage under a given...

Traditional fee-for-service healthinsurance plans are usually the most expensive choice, but they

Because healthinsurance policies are written in legal language and filled with medical jargon, they are often difficult to read and

"The percentageof people coveredby employment-based healthinsurance dropped a point, to 62.6

Governmenthealthinsurancecoverage includes Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, CHAMPVA (Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs) and care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the military. This statistic was assembled from several editions of...

The employer portion of healthinsurance that you pay varies depending on your business’s size and the type of coverage.

Currently, 60% ofAmericans say the government should be responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans, compared with

Many Americans obtain healthinsurance in whole or in part as an employment benefit.

Meanwhile, governmenthealthinsurance including Medicaid, Medicare and the Children's Health

Good healthinsurancecoverage can mean that a company covers expensive medical treatments.

With a healthinsurance policy from a Canadian provider it is much easier to file a claim, receive comprehensive sports coverage, as well as have

While the debate over healthcare reform has focused on getting more Americanscoveredbyhealthinsurance, Americans who already pay for insurance have been facing their own crisis. According to a recent consumer survey, the health of as many as 53 million insured Americans may be in...

Comparable healthinsurance data were first collected in 1987. The percentageof people covered

Fifty-six percentofAmericans say it is the federal government's responsibility to provide healthcarecoverage for

Fee-for-Service HealthPlans This is the traditional kind of health care policy. Healthinsurance companies pay fees for the services provided to

The laws govern certain aspects of healthinsurance, what must becovered, and how

Approximately 50 million Americansare uninsured and lack any kind of healthcare coverage.

Medicaid is public insurance and is funded by the government. These funds have traditionally been quite limited

Public, taxpayer-funded health care spending will pay for for 53% of US health care in 2009. If health care tax breaks are included, this figure rises to 62%.

The percentageof people without healthinsurance, 15.7 percent in 2004, was not significantly different from the 15.6 percent rate in 2003. “The number of uninsured Americanswas at an all-time high in 2004, while the percentage who lack healthinsurancecoverage showed no improvement...

Short term healthinsuranceis fast and simple medical insurance that provides coverage for up to 12 months depending on your state that is usually

What is and isn't coveredby the EHIC? Each country's health system is different and might not include all the things you would expect to get free

Utilization of tertiary care coveredbygovernment insurance program covering tertiary care for people below poverty line—Vajpayee

How important ishealthinsurance to Americans? A Kaiser Foundation poll released today shows that health care is the fourth most important issue in

Lifetime HealthCoverwas put in place to encourage young Australians to seek out private healthinsurance