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BattleoftheBulge Dates Thebattle started December 16, 1944 and lasted until January 25, 1945. There were two Allied army groups being massed up for the invasion of Germany itself and in the middle was the Ardennes forest where new recruits and fatigued veterans went to calm down.

The loss oftheBattleoftheBulge was irreparable for Germany, draining many experienced units of supplies and manpower and using what little remained of Germany’s fuel supply and armored forces. The Luftwaffe would also suffer, having expended most of their remaining operational aircraft in...

As a result oftheBattleoftheBulge, the Germans were able to: A) Surround the British and American Troops B) Occupy much ofthe

The counteroffensive enabled German troops to achieve a 50 to 80 mile westward bulge into the Allied front lines that gave thebattle the name by which it is most

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Afterthe triumphant breach of Normandy in August 1944, the Allies rushed across France with amazing speed.

The advance through the Ardennes forests along the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg in November 1944 was Hitler’s great last-ditch effort to turn the

The weather began to improve which gave the Allies better opportunities to attack with aircraft. The tide began to turn, and by 13 January, German forces retreated from Bastogne. The "BattleoftheBulge" officially ended on 27 January 1945 - more than one million men on both sides participated in the...

The phrase “battleofthebulge” already existed in the American lexicon as a term for attempts to lose body weight. The initial German attack force consisted of more than 200,000 men, around 1,000 tanks and assault guns (including the new 70-ton Tiger II tanks) and 1,900 artillery pieces, supported...

“The genesis of Hitler’s plans to launch theBulge is his grappling to retain control ofthe direction of military affairs

Notable was the resistance ofthe soldiers ofthe 101st Airborne in Bastogne that even in terrible conditions (widespread frostbite, lack of food, ammunitions and medical supplies) fought against overwhelming German mechanized troops surrounding them. At the end the momentum ofthe...

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Germans do not launch Battleof Bulge. Whathappens? Depends on whether theBulge forces are allowed to be used as a defensive reserve for the Western front or sent

Well, at least for the Germans, no BattleoftheBulge would leave them many valuable vehicles, planes and guns to use in the defence of their country. What could have been ofthe German thrust into Budapest with stronger formations? As T. A. said, the Allies would have gone on...

Shortly afterthe onset oftheBattleoftheBulge, one of World War II's hardest-fought campaigns, with the Americans surrounded by German troops, when the American commander General Anthony McAuliffe was given the enemy's ultimatum to surrender or face annihilation, he famously replied...

BattleoftheBulge, also called Battleofthe Ardennes, (December 16, 1944–January 16, 1945), the last major German offensive on the Western Front

In the four weeks of fighting at theBulge, the Allies, almost entirely American, suffered 19,000 casualties and had more than 15,000 men taken prisoner — 9,000 in thebattle at Schnee Eifel, the largest surrender in U.S. history after Bataan. The early success ofthe offensive as the panzers...

BattleoftheBulge: Photographs. Attacking through the Ardennes Forest in eastern Belgium on December 16, hundreds of German tanks and several hundred thousand German troops broke through the thinly held American lines. Although the Germans advanced as much as 50 miles in some areas...

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Hollywood--The central area ofthe town of Ambleve, Belgium, as it looked in 1944 was constructed in detail on two acres of land in Madrid for

When the city was surrounded the Germans offered the commander an ultimatum to surrender or

BattleoftheBulge, popular name in World War II for the German counterattack in the Ardennes, Dec., 1944–Jan., 1945. More than a million men fought in what is

In the Pacific, the Allies made rapid progress. Following the capture of Saipan, American forces retook Guam and opened the whole ofthe western Pacific to

Thebattle was a last ditch attempt by Hitler to split the Allies in two in their drive towards Germany and destroy their

Afterthe bombardment, the Germans then set off in a massive vehicle attack.

...I first became aware oftheBattleoftheBulge when I saw the award-winning, HBO miniseries

As the 75th Anniversary oftheBattleoftheBulge draws near, let us continue to remember the sacrifice of those who worked to liberate Luxembourg and

A figure who strides out ofthe pages ofthe book is the cigar-chomping American general, Patton. In what ways did he typify the American character—and fighting tactics?

BattleoftheBulge is a 1965 war movie about the famous World War II battleofthe same name, directed by Ken Annakin. Henry Fonda as Lt.

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This month marks the 72nd anniversary ofthe end oftheBattleoftheBulge, which was fought during World War II from 16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945, in the Ardennes in Europe. It was in this battle, that my cousin James Privoznik ofthe 90th Infantry Division, lost his life on 11 January 1945...

TheBattleoftheBulge was located in the Ardennes. This was probably the most intense battle ever fought when many lives lost.

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TheBattleoftheBulge was Germany's last offensive maneuver . They knew the allied forces would soon take over. They sent over 300,000 men into battle.

Over the years I had read a lot about the "BattleoftheBulge" that took place in the heavily forested Ardennes area ofthe Wallonia region in Eastern Belgium in the Winter of 1944/45. On my recent trip to Belgium I hired a car from Luxembourg and travelled through the major locations of this battle and...

Whathappened in 1944 Major News Stories include Siege of Leningrad ends after 872 days, Operation Overlord, code named D-Day Allied Forces land on beaches of Normandy, Glenn Miller is reported missing, V1 and V2 rockets bomb London, BattleoftheBulge Begins...

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TheBattleof Normandy was a hard-fought campaign. British divisions bore the brunt of German resistance on the eastern flank ofthe front, enabling US