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Years and years have passed since Marilyn Monroe mentioned Chanel in the most provocative yet classy way that made both Marilyn Monroe and ChanelNo. 5 even more legendary. But all up until the last year we couldn't hear it, and then luckily for us Chanel have finally been able to use Marilyn in a...

ChanelNo. 5, of course. Chanel Phan PA to H-town 20 Bass, head, & hot men. If the devil asks to dance with you, you better say never; cause a dance with the devil might last you forever.

ChanelNo. 5, of course. Julia, 15, New Jersey, Taken. I'm not perfect, and do not aspire to be. Everyone is perfect in their own way; embrace what you have and work it.

“They ask me: ‘Whatdo you weartobed? A pajama top? The bottoms of the pajamas? A nightgown?’ So I said, ‘ChanelNo.5,’ because it’s the truth.…,” she explained. “And yet, I don’t want to say nude.

Tribute to No. 5, by Sem. Image via Chanel. 1921: The New Woman. The earliest advertising for No. 5 was strictly via word of mouth; Coco would

"ChanelNo. 5 .." 🛍 marilynmonroe annanicole shanazadrick cindycrawford 90ssupermodels tagafriend repost 90's kyliejenner 90swomen bruh 90svibes cardib amberrose nickiminaj muvarosebud blacchyna kimkardashian KUWTK kanyewest LHHNYC kyliejenner aminablue guccimane wopsters...

Marilyn Monroe and ChanelNo. 5 have a long standing relationship. In 1952 Life Magazine asked her what she wears in bed and she simply responds, "ChanelNo. 5". With that famous quote two legendary icons merged. Chanel created a short film about Monroe and her famous love for Chanel...

Do not ever go back to that from which decided to leave. If I play a stupid girl and ask a stupid question, I’ve. When I was a youngster I lived with different families.

This Site Might Help You. RE: Whatdoes Chanel number 5 smell like? I was looking it up on Sephora and I couldn't really get much information on it.

"Whatdo I weartobed? Why, ChanelNo.5, of course!" News-reel prints and print-press presidents Diamond boys and silver screen compliments A ten-thousand soldier stare, and sexual laissez-faire The every-woman's woman of secret doors to nowhere.

Just an example: ‘Whatdo you weartobed? A pyjama top? The bottoms of the pyjamas? A nightgown?’ So I said: ‘ChanelNo.5’, because it’s the truth.

"Just an example: 'Whatdo you weartobed? Do you wear a pajama top, the bottoms of the pajamas, or a nightgown?' So I said, 'ChanelNo. 5!'

Marilyn, whatdo you weartobed?' So I ... and he groans, 'Oh no, I can't use that ... is Norma Jeane Mortenson, though ... apparently because her father was a ... municipal expense in 12 different foster you sag ... fellow says, 'Marilyn ... ChanelNo. 5 ... Marilyn's real name The legend of No5 was born.

Just an example: ‘Whatdo you weartobed ? A pajama top? The bottoms of the pajamas? A nightgown?’

Why, ChanelNo. 5, of course. - Marilyn Monroe. I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall...

Or Marilyn Monroe's unswerving devotion to ChanelNo. 5. (In her words from the set of Let's Make Love: "Whatdo [I] weartobed?

Just an example: 'Whatdo you weartobed ? A pajama top? The bottoms of the pajamas? A nightgown?' So I said, 'ChanelNo. 5,' because it's the truth... And yet, I don't want to say 'nude.'

New print and television campaigns, due to launch in December, centre around the late actress's famous declaration that she wore nothing in bed but a few drops of ChanelNo.5, after the fashion house discovered an unreleased recording capturing

What Becomes a Legend Most. No. 5 has been the fragrance of choice for many legendary celebrities over the years, including Marilyn Monroe, who famously stated that she wore nothing else tobed. Today, Hollywood's brightest stars continue to choose ChanelNo. 5, no doubt attracted by the...

..."Whatdo you weartobed?" with, "Five drops of ChanelNo. 5." Picture this fun and flirtatious image in a powder room, dressing room or anywhere you want to add a bit of Marilyn

"They ask me: 'Whatdo you weartobed? A pajama top? The bottoms of the pajamas?

Her response “ChanelNo.5” to the question “whatdo you weartobed” appeared in this interview. In April 1960, journalist Georges Belmont interviewed Marilyn Monroe on the set of the movie ‘Let’s Make Love’ for Marie Claire magazine’s French edition. Recordings of this interview were released for the...

Marilyn Monroe was asked What she wear in bed. Her answer was: “Why, ChanelNo. 5, of course”. I guess her answer had been the same today if she had been alive, but of other reasons; the only place to keep my lovers when being in bed, my iPad, my iPhone…