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"The bats also need to use the slow timing ofthe right hemisphere to use sonar—which relies on detecting small changes in frequency—to

Researchers have shown that, like humans, mustached bats use the left and right sidesof their brainsto process different aspects of sounds. Aside from humans, no other animal that has been studied, not even monkeys or apes, has proved to use such hemispheric specialization for sound processing...

Each sideofthebrain performs certain functions. The right side focuses on the visuals and the “big picture” of something.

“The bats also need to use the slow timing ofthe right hemisphere to use sonar — which relies on detecting small changes in frequency — to

In the new Indiana study, researchers usedthebrain scanner to study 10 men and 10 women--all healthy--as they listened to a John Grisham thriller read aloud.

"Bats need to use the fast timing ofthe left hemisphere to distinguish communication sounds from each other, because their communication sounds have rapid changes in frequency. Otherwise, they cannot communicate with other bats, and bats are even more social than humans," said Washington.

To use and develop bothsidesof your brain is to maintain neuron pathways to healthy intelligence.

Therefore moving bothsidesofthe body at once in a rhythmical fashion will facilitate brain integration. Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to think

The best way to become aware ofthe sensate brain is to quiet the conscious brain. The most famous mechanism for quieting the conscious brain is

The auditory cortex is located on bothsidesofthebrain in the upper parts ofthe temporal lobes. Its job is to receive signals from the ears and to transmit those signals to

Touching equipment, listening to instructions, listening to news/music/watching tv while doing cardio, taking directions, reading directions on display

Using the latest research on the workings ofthe human brain, Tony Buzan, one ofthe world's leading authorities on learning techniques, provides step-by-step

Achieve the ultimate equilibrium. Let both your left and right sideofbrain achieve dominance. Try these simple seven mental exercises to improve

Use the Entire Brain In fact, it seems that the most creative people favour neither the right nor the left hemisphere, but useboth hemispheres. Moreover, evidence would suggest that if you could favour one sideofthebrain over the other while doing creative problem solving exercises...

Generally speaking, the left sideofthebrain tends to control many aspects of language and logic, while the right side tends to handle spatial information and visual

The left and right sideofthebrain serve different functions, but are both just as important to learning as the other. In order for children to learn to their

Many in the scientific community have posited that both speech and language are lateralized—that is, we use only one sideof our brains for speech, which involves listening and speaking, and language, which involves constructing and understanding sentences. However, the conclusions pertaining to...

“We asked the patients tolisten and speak to different cues, different words, and then we monitored their brain activity and we found it was present on bothsidesof their brain in equal ways,” Pesaran told CBS News’ Vinita Nair. “It really made no difference what sideofthebrain we looked at.

Macro Perspective on the Capital Markets, Economy, Geopolitics, Technology, and Digital Media.

However, the preference ofthe individual to use the left or right hand writing is not a sufficient

Teaching with bothsidesofthe student brain in mind - How to add creative & visual tasks to analytical & logical math classes...

“The two hemispheres ofthebrain are not interchangeable,” says cognitive scientist Michael Corballis, ofthe University of Auckland, who led several ofthe studies into ambidexterity and academic performance. “These asymmetries probably evolved to allow the two sidesofthebrainto specialise.

One possible explanation the researchers offer for the musicians’ elevated use of both brain hemispheres is that many musicians must be able to useboth hands independently to

To improve the health and function ofthebrain, a person can do the following things. Eat a balanced diet. Nuts are high in omega fatty acids and antioxidants

The act of listening to music has several noted benefits (Yoon): Stress relief and emotional release. Increased creativity and abstract thinking.

All people useboth halves ofthebrain. However, the stereotypes associated with being left- or right-brained persist and continue to arouse curiosity.

Using the latest research on the workings ofthe human brain, Tony Buzan, one ofthe world’s leading authorities on learning techniques, provides

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The author reviews a book by Daniel Pink. Its main theme is that, moving from information to conceptual age as we are right now, people will have to usebothsidesof their brain, i.e. not only think logically but also creatively. I’m posting this because we haven’t really covered it in class and I...

While the left sideofthebrain was better at "getting" the pun, the right side was the one that actually found them funny.

Listen attentively to what the teacher has to say on the subject. Ask questions, and answer the

In their examination, the researchers tested the parts ofthebrain that were used during speech. Here, the study’s subjects were asked to repeat two

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Researchers directly recorded neural activity in bothsidesofthebrain’s cortex during the movement of only one arm in humans.

The sense system is connected to thebrain by the nerve cells because they are both part ofthe nervous system.

The greatest possible human potential, then, can only be realized by the use of bothsidesofthebrain.

Mind Maps are the ultimate thinking and data-capturing tool, using lines, keywords and images to convert information into a colourful, graphical and memorable diagram. Integrating Gestalt principles as well as the cortical skills ofthe left and right brain such as logic, space, imagination, rhythm, patterns...

Speakers of both English and Mandarin Chinese both showed brain activity in thebrain’s left hemisphere.

If you are seeing her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are using the left sideofthebrain. Some people are able to see her spinning in both directions

Learning tolisten for – and better identify – thebrain’s needs could also improve deep brain stimulation, a 30-year-old technique that uses