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Baby sweptawayinfloodwaters. By Web Staff | September 16, 2018 at 8:53 PM EDT - Updated October

A motherandchild were missing Friday after they were swept into a flooded creek in eastern Kentucky, as torrential rains swamped

Three mothersand nine children from two families are among the dead after a flash flood tore through Hildale, and another missing child

A 1-year-old boy was killed Sunday night when he was sweptawayin Hurricane Florence's rushing floodwaters.

The people in attendance prayed for strength and answers for the boy's family. "You know there's always hope, and so that's what we're here for, and community

"It went head first in, and water came in real fast." Panicked, Ric said Sammy was able to unbuckle his seatbelt before pulling himself out a window.

Authorities in the Canadian province of Quebec continued to grapple with heavy flooding on Monday as swelling rivers caused untold damage to homes and buildings and a man was sweptaway

Do not allow children to play infloodwater areas. Wash children’s hands frequently (always before meals).

Her children were nowhere to be found. “She had wrapped her arms around them and the water just took them away,” the mother’s sister, Tina Westlin

A motherandchild were washed to their deaths when they fell from a collapsing bridge during heavy flooding amid ‘one of the most serious humanitarian crises’ aid workers have known. The horrific moment was recorded on camera as desperate families risked everything to flee the floodwaters in...

The flood that sweptaway the pregnant mom and her small children was swift and powerful, ripping their trailer off its foundation and shooting “barrels and propane tanks … down the road like being shot out of a cannon. (U)nbelievably the asphalt was pulled up off of the surface and… deposited in the...

In Tulsa, a woman died after her car hydroplaned Saturday. In Claremore, a firefighter got swept into a storm drain while attempting a high-water rescue

Him and mom and dad were under water already," he said. "He squeezed out [of] his belt...he just squeezed out a halfway open window and grabbed

The footage shows the motherand the child falling into the river and getting sweptaway by the waters as onlookers watched helplessly. The people who had crossed the bridge moments before, came out of the near-death experience only to see the man, his wife and daughter getting drowned in...

A family of six, including four children, is believed to have drowned after their van was sweptaway by Hurricane Harvey's devastating floodwaters, according to KHOU.

He yelled at the children to try to escape out the back, but they were unable. Virginia Saldivar said her brother-in-law could only watch as the van disappeared

Flooding death toll rises to 17: Apocalyptic scenes in submerged Houston as residents are warned to beware of snake-infested floodwaters and a

We believe in miracles, but we also believe in reality so we are just praying for the best. We hope Jonathan has a quick and painless recovery, and we hope they find Laura and the children and the

More than 40 children killed. The disaster seemed to hit young people particularly hard.

A child was sweptawayinfloodwaters in Jackson County, West Virginia, this afternoon, after much of the state's southeastern

"We do have the motherand the father at a location undisclosed right now," he said. Late Tuesday firefighters located the pick-up truck, but

Heavy rains triggered a flash flood in a forest in the Purushottampur area of the district. A powerful current of watersweptaway a herd of black bucks, which were grazing in the Kharkhari canal. Local villagers saw the animals being carried away by the flood and alerted forest officials who rushed to...

Emergency workers in rural Kentucky have found the body of a fourth Amish child killed a buggy flipped in a rain-swollen creek.

A house sweptaway by floodwaters minutes after the @QldSES rescue a family of four from the roof @ABCNewsBrisbane pic.twitter.com/ifcffsZyDo.

"We do have the motherand the father at a location undisclosed right now," he said. Late Tuesday firefighters located the pick-up truck, but

A motherand toddler drowned when their car was swept into a culvert in Fort Worth, Texas following flooding in the area.

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The children were identified as Krystal and Damien Wiggins. Crews recovered Damian's body last week. Officials in Arkansas have found the body of an

Desperate to save her child, the mother pulled her vehicle over and escaped with the toddler, but they were quickly picked up by the rushing waters that swept them into a canal over a half mile from the car. Two fire rescue divers and policeman spotted the mother-daughter duo in distress and managed to...

"We do have the motherand the father at a location undisclosed right now," he said. Late Tuesday firefighters located the pick-up truck, but

"It went head first in, and water came in real fast." Sammy didn't have much time to think. Ric said Sammy managed to unbuckle his seat belt before pulling

A northern Gold Coast home has been sweptawayinfloodwaters, fifteen minutes after a motherand her two children were rescued from the roof.

Sandeep Thottapilly, his wife Soumya, and their children Siddhant and Saachi. Hyderabad: Unconfirmed but disturbing news has emerged about the

Three other children drowned in the accident. Officials say an Amish couple and their seven children were in the buggy when it overturned, throwing them into the water. The adults and three of their children survived. But four children under the age of 12 were sweptaway.

Stevens and other volunteers from the Punkins-Evergreen Fire Department had been summoned to assist with another rescue at Winters Bayou when they heard screams for help from the

Building sweptawayin China floods Jump to media player Buildings have been damaged and people evacuated following a flood and mudslide in Zhaotong, southwest China.