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The third solution to resolve the "ApplicationwasUnabletoStartcorrectly" issue, is to install the most recent version of theapplication that causing the problem. If after updating theapplication, the problem persists, then completely uninstall theapplication from your system and then reinstall it.

Here are seven most effective methods to help you tackle the "Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc000007b)" error.

The server is not responding (or the local server's socket is not correctly configured). But i'm able to open my localhost start page (the one with the

I then tried to run LT and the following error window opened- Applicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close theapplication. I ran the repair tool unsuccessfully (the same error code appeared) I uninstalled then re-installed AutoCAD LT but I keep getting this...

The process is terminating abnormally.” Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000142). We will be trying the following potential fixes to try fixing error 0xc0000142 for the Command Prompt on Windows 10: Re-register ALL the DLL files. Run SFC and DISM.

Click OK to close theapplication. This error message displays when the Windows process (shown in the top left corner of the window pop-up) has a

Games Application Error 0xc0000142: The problem is that the DLL that launches theapplicationis unsigned or digitally no longer valid and and the

How to Fix TheApplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000142, 0xc000007b, 0xc0000005, 0xc0000906). In this article, you will find some effective solutions that can solve this type of errors. Before going through the actual solutions, you can disable your antivirus and see if it fixes the problem.

Click OK to close theapplication.' when you are trying to open an application on Windows 7/8/10. Relax! This post provides tried and true solutions to

Click OK to close theapplication". I have tried setting the compatabilty modes to XP SP2 and SP3 as well as Vista. Also tried running as Administrator

Windows tells you that theapplicationwasunabletostart. You can try a hundred times, but the error does not solve itself magically, because it’s not casual. The problem is that the ddl that launches theapplicationis unsigned or digitally no longer valid. And it’s not up to you, maybe you just...

I've recently had to upgrade to Win 8.1 and now when i try to build in SDK i get "arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc.exe - Application Error - Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly

Theapp links to a couple of 3rd party DLLs which were (possibly) built with an older or newer version than mine. Would that mean that I too need to

Microsoft Windows 10 users may encounter an error that says “Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000018)” when trying tostart an application. In most cases, the problem can be solved with these steps. Fix 1. Hold down the “Windows Key” and press “R“.

Error: mingw32-g++.exe – Application Error. Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0x0000142).

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I started getting this error a few weeks ago. It does not happen on all apps or even consistently on any one app.

Few things are as frustrating as having bought a new program or game and seeing ‘Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly 0xc00007b’ errors when

General Discussion. Error: theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000005). Hi all, PC was running fine and shut down correctly. Came to switch it back on and get the above error message on just about every application I click on. No errors on booting up to the Desktop though.

Every time I try to open the Battlefield 4 application, I get the same error: Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000142) I PURCHASED.

Theapplicationis working in safe mode and not giving any error. I am using Windows 7 64 bit with SP1. Can you please tell me what is the issue.

The only thing I did yesterday was to install a game through Steam and now I can't use like 70% of the software on my PC (most of them

(03-22-2014, 07:26 PM)Brock lessner Wrote: Can you able to give an screen shot of error and emulog of emu! Alright, found it. When I searched emulog I found two and I don't know if they are the same b.

Click Ok To Close TheApplication“ shows up on my screen. Due to this purpose, I can use neither Word, nor Outlook, nor PowerPoint and others.

Every time I open a .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (the default .pdf program I use on Windows 10) I get the following error notice "Windows Application Error Theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc0000022) Click OK to close Application" I end up clicking the "X" (instead of the...

I get this error (0xc0000142) after I hit the play button. After I click ok, another pop up says "untrusted system file (c:\windows\system32\wldap32.dll).

When you come across the issue theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly, you can try to run theapplication as an administrator to fix the problem. And the detailed operations are as follows. Step 1: Right-click theapplication you want to launch and choose the Properties from the context menu.

guys please help i installed a game called zombiu for pc everything worked fine in the installation until i try starting the game by clicking the shortcut. the game didn't start instead an error message pop out saying that theapplicationwasunabletostartcorrectly (0xc000007b)...