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So, your dogjust had an encounter with askunk and gotsprayed for his troubles. Although your first instinct may be to let him in the house to wash him o.

Hi. mydog went after askunk. It was dark, i didn't see what happened; all I heard was a commotion and smelled skunk. I reeled him in thinking he'd just been sprayed

Mydog never met askunk, as skunks don't live in our area. But I know how it is when your dog smells that bad. One day, when we met her German

Has your dog been sprayedbyaskunk recently? Here is a great remedy to neutralize that skunk odor; it s

The best way to help your dog when they've been sprayedbyaskunk is with products that are most likely in your kitchen or home right now.

Try dousing askunked dog with about a cup of vanilla extract mixed in a gallon of water to get rid of skunk odor

Your dog is going to be frantic because of the strange and intense smell that is all around him, and you need to reduce his stress by acting in a calm and collected

Our dog has gotten skunked a couple of times. Once it was your basic skunk smell, only up close and personal.

A few weeks ago, mydog was sprayed in the neck byaskunk, and let me tell you - the stench is serious. Mydog obviously loving one of her many de-skunking baths.JILL LAYTON.

My cat gotsprayedbyaskunk once, happens a lot where I grew up. I suggest taking him to a groomer and for $60 letting them figure it out.

Mydogjustgotsprayed in the eye a couple nights ago and I didn't know what to do. Well, immediately I put mydog in the bathsprayed

If askunk has sprayed your cat, you need to get rid of that stink fast. Use one of these recipes to clean your pet and get tips for freshening your home.

Mydogjustgotsprayedbyaskunk this morning....I went to the vet and got some skunk spray. Hes drying right now and when thats done i'll probably wash him again....tomatoes don't work. but does anyone has any suggestions?

Often, dogsgetsprayed in face during askunk encounter. This can cause mouth and throat inflammation, eye irritation and even temporary blindness. Rinse your dog's face with plenty of plain water, gently rubbing the eyes and mouth with a rag. Repeat several times to remove as much of the...

If I got remotely near the dog he'd scoot under the truck - still menacing the skunk and then to the other side of the skunk barking away - all of this at 12:30 in the morning. I'd run around the truck hollering at the dog (he hears BLAH BLAH BLAH COME HERE BLAH BLAH).

Me and my Jonny have been fighting a lot lately. And I don't like it one bit. We even broke up a couple weeks ago because we thought it was the solution to our

Realizing that askunkjust attacked my baby (and braving the smell as best as I could), I called for my wife and together, we inspected every inch of Kiera's body to make sure that she hadn't been bitten. Skunks are notorious for rabies, and even though Kiera is always current on her shots, we weren't...

Mydoggotsprayedbyaskunk last night he's very weak very tired and not himself what's the latest I should take him to the hospital.

Gettingsprayedbyaskunk is something you don't forget. Your dog barks frantically or maybe zooms off in another direction. Then you smell it. Some pets escape with just a spritz, while other dogs come back dripping in skunk juice. You or your pet might even pick up skunk stink when walking through...

When your dog is sprayedbyaskunk you need help - right now! Find the best ways to remove that horrible smell here.

In the middle of the night, mydog was sprayedbyaskunk. When I got up to see what was going on, mydog ran into my house,ran through the house and

Based on my adventures last night frantically searching the internet for solutions comprised of things a normal person might have in a home, I’ve compiled

If your dog is sprayedbyaskunk, then you will want to first give their eyes a once over. If they are red or irritated, then you should immediately flush them with water or try a dog-safe eyewash.

If your doggetssprayedbyaskunk, don't use tomato juice, as it only masks the smell. Try this recipe from a chemist instead.

Skunks and dogs are not a good combination. Here at Greenbrier we receive numerous calls from clients about what

If you ever have your dog come running around the corner, and all you can smell is burnt tires… I am telling you now: Your furbaby did NOT just jump into a steaming pile of

The dog bore the brunt of the spray and I was peripherally hit from a distance, but it was enough. I was hit mostly on my pants, but all my clothes had

A run-in between your dog and skunk can be dangerous and a nuisance. Sometimes it's a lot of work to remove the stench. Here are some tips for pet owners.

Where does skunkspray come from? Skunks have a pair of specialized sacs located in their anus; each sac is connected to the outside bya small

To care for askunk-sprayed dog, start by mixing 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of hand soap.

If your dog is sprayedbyaskunk, then you will want to first give their eyes a once over. If they are red or irritated, then you should immediately flush them with water or try a dog-safe eyewash.

Since dogs often getsprayed when facing the skunk, you can use a squirt of lemon juice mixed into a bowl of water to wash out their mouths.

Sprayedbyaskunk? Now what? If a pet is sprayed, Yankow and Byrnes advise dealing with it immediately, which can be a burden since most occur at

Skunksspray this nasty liquid as a defensive mechanism, deploying it from their anal glands so quickly that it’s common for curious dogs to get blasted in the

So mydogjustgotsprayedbyaskunk. I'm pretty sure I know what to do about shampooing her and all that. What I really need to know is would it be alright to leave her outside for the night with a temp of 11C / 50F?