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The NintendoWiiFit is like a computerized personal trainer. Before beginning your weight loss journey, you must undergo a body test to determine

So can one loseweight using the Wiifit- that's the million dollar question? YES DEFINITELY. As long as you use it regularly and with the proper workout - with 4 to 5 regular 45 minute workouts per week you will reach your weight loss goals and get fit and have fun doing it. But just as important is the...

Fit: The best way to loseweight is through excellent nutrition.Exercise on a consistent basis will help get you physically fitter, but don't rely on this to loseweight.Nutrition is the way to loseweight. ...

Is this Wiifit work to everyone I been using this Wiifit every day almost one month now but my body still they same.

Recent developments by Nintendo produced the WiiFit. WiiFit is an add-on machine, purchased separately, that allows you to work out using your

The WiiFit comes ready to use for yoga, balance, strength and aerobics.

WiiFit, the new component to the Wii gaming console, launched May 19 and has been getting lots of buzz. In fact, if sales in this country match those from abroad, you may have trouble finding one.

Exercise is an excellent way of losingweight. But exercising with WiiFit, walk, at the gym or anywhere else doesn’t mean that you can eat all the calories that your burned. For example, if you use WiiFit and burned 300 calories, you want to eat about half of those calories as your post workout to help your...

NintendoWiiFit is one of the most enduring pieces of fitness technology. Released in 2009, it was a huge part of making

Lost last 20 with WiiFit still as main exercise but adding in other forms as well for variety and more intensity. Oh yeah, and calorie counting / control

I have lostweight with the Wiifit and now I got this and I am hoping that having the meter will hold me more accountable for what I eat and how much I work out.

Rene Millman takes us through a few tips on how to loseweight using the WiiFit.

The NintendoWii is probably the only other console than Xbox Kinect that requires you to move almost your whole body to play a game. It comes with a free game called Wii Sports. You can have a swing at the baseball or train up hard on the boxing. You may have also discovered that it is a great way to...

Wiifit is truly a combination of fitness and fun, designed for everyone, small and old. By Simply playing Wii Suit a bit every day, you, your current friends

WiiFit itself has ramped up the challenges for me as I've gotten better at them. Doing six reps of the push-up game used to be all I could manage, but I

WiiFit can help you get flat abs. A flat belly is on the fitness shopping list of most women, but you can't target your belly alone. Fat loss occurs throughout the body rather than in just one targeted location, so to loseweight using WiiFit, you'll need to get a strong cardiovascular workout that works your...

To really start to loseweight you need at least 20 minutes of sustained cardio (i.e. elevated heartrate). From my experience none of the games in WiiFit provide this--the game was developed in Japan and so is more geared towards "eastern" types of exercise (ergo, the emphasis on yoga).

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My family started the WiiFit this weekend. While I cant say I have lostweight in two days I can say that I can feel it after the workout.

My WiiFitWeight Loss Testimonial. Four weeks ago I came to you with a simple goal: To become WiiFit. I set out to workout with my new WiiFit and Balance Board five days a week for four weeks and to track my progress as a test of the games calorie burning abilities.

WiiFit makes a great exercise at home to keep you in shape without separating you from the television set that makes way in fitness for women.

The WiiFit balance board is rather like a sophisticated electronic scale. When you step on it, it senses your weight and weight distribution.

Wiifit asks this every few days at the start of the training, especially if your weight changes drastically.

I knew losingweight would be easy for me, it always has, it’s just maintaining that is hard. About 5 years ago I decide to drop the “Freshmen 15” before I

Apparently after losing 9 pounds, dropping two points from his BMI, and 3-inches from his waist, he's ready to go again, this time with the WiiFit.

Nintendo's exercise game WiiFit is still flying off retail shelves eight months after its U.S. release last May.

Nintendo today revealed WiiFit, a new “game” for the Wii that’s all about fitness. What’s interesting about this is the new controller that ships with the game. The small, flat controller, called the “Wii Balance Board,” lays on the ground and detects your body movements as you exercise.

Find out which Wii Games burn the most calories with this Fitness Blender list of video games that can actually help you loseweight!

The WiiFit system is loads of fun, but can it actually get or keep you fit, as the name implies?

WiiFit is not all about losingweight, and there is better things you can do if you want to lose some weight; watch what you eat, for example, and do not just sit there playing video games. Wii Fitness can help you to stay in fit and good health, but you cannot get a perfect body by playing video games.

I got Nintendo's WiiFit exercise "game" today, which includes a new accessory for the Nintendo Wii system (the Balance Board) and a bunch of video game

NintendoWii is one of the most cutting edge gaming systems ever made. The company took the gaming industry by surprise when it said what it

the great thing about wiifit plus is you can plan out your workouts and how many calories you want to burn. How to lose 150lbs?

WiiFit U (Wii U) Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 5, Ganbarion Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: November 1, 2013 MSRP: Free for one month ($19.99 for full

I hate Wiifit so much. Sure, it indirectly helped me lose 10 pounds, but I f'ing hate it. Bear with me on this long post with minimal mention of the game or

We just got the WiiFit last Friday and I love it! I have been lamenting about time for exercise since I had my baby 7 months ago.

Nintendo has just announced the WiiFit U which is basically a new take on the WiiFit that will help gamers exercise in a more fun and entertaining way

Obviously nintendo didnt want folks with real weight issues to use wiifit but instead just wanted to hurt the feelings of developing little girls by calling them

WiiFit U reinvents fitness fun again with the Wii U GamePad controller, Wii Balance Board accessory, and the new Fit Meter. Carry the Fit Meter accessory to track daily activity, then sync it to your Wii U to compare

WiiFit uses a unique platform peripheral called the Wii Balance Board that can measure a user's weight and their center of gravity, and calculate their body mass index based on the user's height. WiiFit allows you to install the WiiFit Channel straight to the Wii Menu, which allows users to compare...