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However, it is not well appreciated that microbes surrounding a periodontally involved tooth can invade it from

Which option is better: rootcanals and crowns, orextraction and bridges/partial dentures? The rootcanal procedure implies preserving denture integrity. However, the endodontist will have to remove the pulp inside the tooth and replace it with an artificial material. On the other hand, an extraction means...

The down side is that there is no %100 guarantee that the rootcanal will work. If it fails then ithas to be redone or else the tooth is extracted.

These procedures have various pros and cons, but the general consensus from dental professionals is thatit's bestto save the tooth whenever possible.

Is aRootCanal Safe? This is where things start to get confusing, and it really depends on who you ask.

Rootcanals are needed for a cracked tooth from injury or genetics, a deep cavity, or issues from a previous filling.

It could be better and less expensive tohavea successful implant rather than complicated dentistry on questionable teeth.

Opting tohaveanextraction instead of rootcanal treatment is easier to envision as appropriate treatment if plans are made tohave the lost tooth replaced. As outlined below, there are a number of ways to accomplish this. They include placing a dental implant, dental bridge or removable partial...

That is not to say that you cannot have pain following arootcanal. You can, particularly if the tooth was acutely infected at the time of the rootcanal

Rootcanals typically are followed by placement of porcelain or metal crowns, especially in adults. After an extraction, patients may either opt to do

I was told to get some antibiotics from my doc to help, and asked whether I want to go the route of rootcanalor full-on extraction, and I'm honestly not sure.

The only current rootcanal alternative is tohave the tooth extracted. It is not advisable to leave an infected tooth untreated in your mouth, as this can be

So, this week I have some minor pain, made worse when I chew with that tooth. The new dentist tells me today there is a small abscess forming and I need arootcanal.

If you havea damaged or infected tooth, you may need arootcanalorextraction. But which is best for you?

I have that problem on my molars tooth dentist advised arootcanal because filling is not possible there.

In particular, Endocal 10 is supposed to be a cleaner material for performing rootcanalsthat is supposed to expand into the microscopic tubules and seal

Many rootcanal patients report having to get them re-done a few years later. The biggest reason why I decided not to get arootcanal was because I

I never thoughtit would happen to me but here I am one emergency pulpectomy later, wondering if I should go ahead with the rootcanal procedure or

It is common to develop a toothache after the placement of white fillings.

It is nothing that you need to worry about. Most patients agree that the pain they feel before havingit done is worse than the actual procedure or afterward.

It is up to you whether you choose to extract or get arootcanal, but rootcanals are typically recommended by dentists over extraction because of the lasting benefits as

(Endodontists are rootcanal specialists.) In the study, they took people that were going tohave wisdom teeth removed and performed arootcanal

If a patient is experiencing pain or swelling, rootcanal, or endodontic, therapy may be recommended. Many patients would like to avoid the cost and

Rootcanal treatment hasa false reputation for being painful. A "rootcanal" is not a treatment, but part of a tooth. It is the hollow section of a tooth that contains

I elected tohave this extraction done with local anesthetic. As it turned out, the tooth in question had short roots in addition to being arootcanal tooth.

In fact, arootcanal is meant to help you avoid pain related to a decaying or fractured tooth. It’s normal to experience mild to moderate pain for a

I hadarootcanal done on Doerak's lower canine when it snapped off. It was already badly chipped and I gave him a neckbone one day and that's how it broke.

Rootcanal therapy is not painful as it is only done when the tooth has been completely numbed. It will actually ease the pain and suffering caused by an

Arootcanal is often completed in one appointment, although it can require three or more visits depending on the extent and complexity of the problem

The best way we know to effectively eliminate bacteria during arootcanal is to use ozone gas during the treatment. If a person already hasarootcanal, they could choose tohave

An infected rootcanal can usually be retreated, unless the root is cracked or the tooth has broken below the gum line. In these cases, tooth extraction may be

Rootcanal treatment Arootcanal is best for treating teeth thathave become abscessed or are dying. If you think is happening to your teeth, it’s

Why should I havearootcanal rather than extraction? Many people prefer tohavea tooth extracted due to the cost or just the simplicity of having that

Calcified Rootcanalshave always been a nightmare for Dentists and Endodontists alike, they are difficult to locate and are very time taking to locate and prepare. As the name suggests, Calcified RootCanals are calcium deposited in the rootcanals which are usually hollow or with the pulp tissue in it.

I think tooth extraction is going to be one solution but the tooth will be gone. I had done rootcanal for one tooth. Its not so costly in our country.I had to do

Arootcanal is a procedure used to preserve a tooth thathas suffered deep decay, infection, or trauma.

Though arootcanal treated tooth is ideally sealed at both ends, nothing seals the tubules or