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At one point, they chanted, “Heyhey, ho ho, reporters have got to go.” “I am documenting this for a national news organization

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MELISSA CLICK: I need somemuscleoverhere! Help meget him out! ROSE: Melissa Click was caught on video during campus protests in November calling for muscle to remove a student

Hey, who wants to help meget this reporter out of here. I need somemuscleoverhere!” That is an actual comment from a media professor at Missou.

Hey who wants to help meget this reporter out of here?” Click says. “I need somemuscleoverhere.” The incident happens at around 6:17 in this video taken by a man who

I need somemuscleoverhere!” Jawohl, mein kommandant! The student who Click assaulted on film decided to press charges.

I need somemuscleoverhere!” The muscle was to be directed against another student, who, standing on his First Amendment constitutional rights, questioned her actions, refusing her imperial demands to leave. After the video, with a close-up of her angry face, went viral, she smugly martyred...

Member Level 03 Blank Slate. HeyCanIGetSome Help Here 2008-01-13 02:06:56. im having a hard time making a vid and i need help....

Larry got the broken trade deals thing right. But a “more dictatorial U.S. government?” That’s hard to measure because there are so many dimensions.

Two year old boy says heycanigetsome service overhere BLASTWAVEFX 13679 sounds.

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Attention Jeff George: If your son's Pee Wee football league needs referees this weekend, we know some guys who are available.

Protesters can be heard chanting, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, reporters have got to go," as they block Tai's camera and prevent him from moving toward the encampment.

There's something witty I could say about left-wing infighting that I so despise, but this is hardly the time or the place. Peace out.

"CanIGet Uhhh" is a catchphrase meant to parody the indecisiveness customers display while attempting to order at a fast food restaurant. Online, the phrase has been associated with prank videos or used as a copypasta. Variations of the meme feature elements of "Understandable, Have a Nice...

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Hey, canIget unmuted? by MKGaming @MKGamingover 4 years ago.

CanI speak to you?' She replies 'no' and tells him to 'get out'. When he refused, insisting he had a right to be there, she is seen yelling at other people nearby: 'Hey, who

"hey one of these days i want to make you lunch and then i can bring it over to your house and we can make a day of it".

Colleges have disproportionate influence over intellectual life, and political movements centered on campuses can spread well beyond them (anti-Vietnam began as a bunch of

Click was seen on widely-circulated video telling a journalist Monday that he could not film an encampment, which was part of a protest that resulted in university president

Here are some dread-inducing statistics on open plan offices People feel spied...

"Hey, CanI Come Over?" is a podcast hosted by Tim Fitzpatrick, in which every week he visits his friend's house, has them cook him dinner, and asks them as many personal questions

When the reporter asked if he could speak to her Click replied, “No, you need to get out,” and grabbed his camera. When the reporter still refused to leave, Click turned back to some of the students who had formed a ring around the camp and yelled, “Hey, who wants to help meget this reporter out of here?

Protesters can be heard chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, reporters have got to go,” as they block Tai’s camera and prevent him from moving toward the encampment.

Lyrics to "CanIGet A Moment?" song by Jessica Mauboy: Too hot to touch? I'm burning up Have you heard the news? I'm on the move Hey yeah-yeah-yeah Hey ye...

CanIgetsome moles? These whole… someone facing me. Get someone’s hair.

Hi people, I'm new here and new to the concept of PS2 Emulators so I would like to ask a couple of questions about it. First one being do I actually need a PS2

"canI copy your homework?" "yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied".