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In the US and increasingly in the UK, in places like Glasgow, agencies are successfully reducing gang violence by treating it in the same way they'd respond to a public health emergency, looking to disrupt the spread of a deadly virus. Karyn McCluskey, a former director of Violence Reduction Unit set up by...

be doing stop and searches on council estates where gangs carry weapons. this is a repost as some1 cried about it!!! Update: brownie2, im not talking about crimein general, im talking about gunandknifecrime... in the uk!!! which is sadly being carried out by minoritys.

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Gang crime could be a gang in a large group of people who mayn’t be involved in crime and violence. Many young people will not realise they are in a

Citation: C N Trueman "Gangs and Crime" The History Learning Site, 25 May 2015. 6 Apr 2019.

This had influenced the rise of knifecrime and gang violence amongst young people in some inner city areas in the UK (Squires, 2009).

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Meanwhile, violent crime is also rising across the country. Police recorded 37,443 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the year ending September 2017 – 21 per cent up from 2016 and the highest since comparable records started in the 12 months to March 2011. Gun-related crime also...

Does social media increase knife and guncrime? Possibly, say experts – but demonising social media is not the solution. In the wake of a series of tragic murders in London over the past few days, Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick has blamed social media for the soaring rate of knife...

Crime involving gunsandknives in London is at its highest level since riots swept England’s major cities in summer 2011, a report has found.

In the UK, do you think people buy guns more for status and the intimidation factor, rather than with any intention of using them?

Fact: Ironically, firearm use in crimesin the UK has doubled in the decade since handguns were banned.

Many studies show that gang membership results in an increase in crime and an increased propensity for violence and weapon use[1], recent figures found gang members

Gangsandknifecrime. All Londoners need to feel safe and protected in the city. The #LondonNeedsYouAlive campaign supports vulnerable young people to understand the consequences of gangandknifecrime, and to use their talents to make positive life choices.

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A surge in gunandknife offences has helped fuel a 14% increase in crime across England and Wales. Forces recorded 37,443 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the year ending September 2017 - a 21% increase compared with the same period the previous year.

Gunandknifecrime isn't as common as some people think. But it does happen, gunsandknives can affect everyone. Not just people ingangs.

Colin James of the charity GangsUnite says knifecriminals are 'laughing at the law' and it must be changed.

So, how does the US and the UnitedKingdom compare when it comes to gunandknifecrime? We looked at murder rates from both weapons over a five-year period. There were 34 firearm homicides in the US per million of population in 2016, compared with 0.48 shooting-related murders in the UK.

Although gun crimes are not committed in a high ratio in the UK, and even knife

Recorded crime soars to 5.3million incidents as robbery spikes by 29%, sexual offences rise 23% and violence increases 20% amid a surge in

Sadly youth violence andknifecrime is increasing and the high profile and often over sensationalist media attention which creates fear has led to a number of responses and policy initiatives from the Home Office over the past decade. The most recent are Knife, GunandGang Crime...

Gang violence in the UK is claiming more lives than terrorism, a criminologist has revealed, demanding the government takes the crimes as seriously as militant attacks. He also explained that knives, used in most killings, are easy to get hold of and even guns can be “easy” to acquire from a “black market”...

Knife bins will be located in cities around the UK and the British Ironwork Centre will be touring the country, speaking to young people and collecting knives from the streets. All knives will be surrendered anonymously – no names will be taken, and there will be no CCTV cameras recording.

This blog is about GunandKnifecrimein South East London. GunandKnifecrime and how we can change our community more into a positive one. Gunandknifecrime has been around for many years but recently it has been brought to the police's attention that many gangs have started to form...

Guncrimein England and Wales rose by 35 per cent. Ms May said: “Serious youth violence has a devastating impact on communities and needs to be stopped.

Well, first we have to consider the trend in “knifecrime,” and these are the figures for the last seven years

Examine the scale of guncrimein the UK before studying the government's statistics on gun crime. What evidence is there to suggest that gun

This publication explores public perceptions of gunandknifecrime, opinions about the Government’s response, the ease of which members of the public

There were jumps in robbery, theft, violence, gunandknifecrimein 2016/17 in London and police say the pattern is being replicated

Gunandknifecrimein London have soared by double digits in the last year, official figures show.

Race and Racism, GunandKnifeCrime, Black Youth. Young white British men andknife-carrying in public: Discourses of masculinity, protection and vulnerability. Whilst quantitative research to date gives us some indication of the prevalence at which knife-carrying occurs among young British men...

Knifecrime’ is simply any crime that involves a knife. This includes: carrying a knife or trying to buy one if you’re under 18.

A London pastor who was ambushed in his car by an armed gang last October is to tell thousands of Christians this Sunday that the answer to ridding the capital of gunandknifecrime lies in offering