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There's a similar thread to this one, where you buy a dragon from the Auction House to gift to the user above you, but I thought we could have more fun

FlightRising is a fun game, but it can get boring if you don't know how to amuse yourself! Start with step one for some ways to make your Flight

FlightRising is a browser-based game where players lead an elemental clan of dragons and work with other clans to gain supremacy in the realm. It features dragon breeding, battles, adventures, item collection, and mini-games.

FlightRising is a dragon breeding simulation game with light RPG elements that officially launched on June 8th, 2013. However, Kickstarter backers got headstart access on July 5th as one of the many rewards for donating to the project a few months ago.

Thus each dragonflight has a certain elemental identity that dictates some of

Ignore that the next two dragons are female. The colours matched so well and there's no gender changes yet on flightrising. Is it bad I've been considering to make skins for these three to make them even...closer to their toy counterparts?

More dragons for sale!! All of them are 500 gems, or the treasure equivalent with a 1:350 ratio.

Dragon's FlightRisingDragons. A sideblog dedicated to my FR account and the going-ons over there FR username: HezzahRae #44110.

Dragons are telepathic and are capable of forming a lifelong bond with one particular human in a process called Impression.

Breeding information: Some dragons have fixed mates. If you want to be PMed when one of my dragon pairs breed, PM me.

Welcome to DragonFlight Zipline where you can zip, fly, and climb for kids, family, or group! Extreme outdoor fun for everyone! Suitable for all skill levels

Dragons for the dragon throne. I forgot I made this, but it’s making the rounds on tumblr so here

FlightRisingDragon Creator. Make a dragon or find your dragon persona! Updated 10/06/15.

Show me your lgbtqia dragons and I’ll probably doodle them. (This time, not limited to mutuals, but please understand that if this post gets

Can you match the FlightRisingdragon breeds? Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.

DragonFlight Drones. We bring your imagination to flight.

FlightRising is a social web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, adventuring ( a planned feature not yet implemented ), combat , and collecting.

FlightRising seems to have – in potential – the best of both worlds from these sites. The biggest issue right now is the gameplay difficulty curb is broken.

Here you'll find all dragon/flightrising things including my flightrising art, info about my clan's lore and dragons, as well as dragon/item sales. I do art for USD and treasure on flightrising. Paypal is: Most Played Champions.

We have held the Dragonflight Game Convention every year since 1980, and we have run Metro Seattle Gamers, Seattle’s premier year-round tabletop gaming club since 1990.

Interests:Dragons, Sephiroth, art, reading about dragon, spirituality, drawing dragons, viewing dragon art, viewing Sephiroth, horses, conversing with

The latest Tweets from FlightRising (@flightrising). Official account for FlightRising, a browser based game that takes place in a world of dragons.

FlightRising/that dragon game. Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by siveambrai, Feb 25, 2015.

DragonFlight: The number of 'just one more round' games on mobile devices has increased

FlightRising is a online game where you breed dragons. If you want to rp with me privately anytime just PM me.

Here's what happened when 12 random people took turns drawing and describing, starting with the prompt "Your FlightRisingDragon PIO".

flightrising skins & accents. Tag your advertisements, interest checks and other skin/accent related posts #flightrisingskins and we'll reblog them!

Hi I am Cinnia ID75 on FlightRising. This is my side blog.

FlightRising Unofficial. For all your dragon drama needs!

Tundra dragons who join flights in warmer climes never see their winter coats, (Though their summer coat is more than enough to cause heat exhaustion in locations such as the Viridian Labyrinth, Ashfall Waste, and Shifting Expanse. Tundra dragons possess impressive canine teeth used for combat.

Gay dragon reproduction is never going to happen. It doesn’t matter what gender your dragons are.