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Hard Mode: Only use dragons you swap or hatch yourself. (Except on the threads that require AH purchases.) Extra Hard Mode: Pick two dragons to start with and only use dragons you get from swapping them to complete the challenge.

There's a similar thread to this one, where you buy a dragon from the Auction House to gift to the user above you, but I thought we could have more fun

Got some more Flight Rising dragons I want to give away to a good home, so if anyone is interested in any of them and have a Flight Rising account feel free to comment below ^_^. Thank you everyone the dragons I had up are all going to new homes, I'm just waiting for the transfer to complete now =3.

Dragons can be clicked and dragged around the screen. To remove a dragon, drag it over the X in the bottom left-hand corner.

Flight Rising is a dragon breeding simulation game with light RPG elements that officially launched on June 8th, 2013. However, Kickstarter backers got headstart access on July 5th as one of the many rewards for donating to the project a few months ago.

Thus each dragon flight has a certain elemental identity that dictates some of

Flight Rising Tools. This is a dragon card generator in order to sell your dragons on FR forums. All you have to do is fill in the dragon's information in the fields and click on "Generate". Then copy the generated BBCode and paste it in your sells post. Made by Sebriniel33.

Flight Rising is a fun game, but it can get boring if you don't know how to amuse yourself! Start with step one for some ways to make your Flight

Dragons for the dragon throne. I forgot I made this, but it’s making the rounds on tumblr so here

Breeding information: Some dragons have fixed mates. If you want to be PMed when one of my dragon pairs breed, PM me.

flight rising flight rising dragon share flight rising dragons his name is Omni!!! the others are for sale for 15kt but im keeping this special lad.

»Discussion 34. » Share quiz. What Flight Rising dragon breed are you? FrostWing, FrostWing.

Flight Rising Resources. Guides, references, items, lore questions and just generally helpful useful stuff I've found around tumblr. Please submit anything you think might be useful to other fight rising players!

Breeds of Dragons. FAE DRAGON. Rarity: Plentiful Breeding Cooldown Days after first clutch of Eggs incubated

Ignore that the next two dragons are female. The colours matched so well and there's no gender changes yet on flight rising. Is it bad I've been considering to make skins for these three to make them even...closer to their toy counterparts?

Flight Rising is a online game where you breed dragons. If you want to rp with me privately

I FINALLY finished the line art for this piece of one of my dragons from Flight Rising ^.^’

Flight Rising is a browser-based game where players lead an elemental clan of dragons and work with other clans to gain supremacy in the realm. It features dragon breeding, battles, adventures, item collection, and mini-games.

Flight Rising/that dragon game. Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by siveambrai, Feb 25, 2015. Page 1 of 262.

All dragons being sold through this hatchery will either resemble trees or plants, or be‘nature/earth' themed and will be sold at reasonable prices.

Dragon Flight Drones. We bring your imagination to flight.

Flight Rising will open with an additional dragon breed available to all players at launch! $20,000 - Backer Upgrades - UNLOCKED!All of our backer

To unlock this feature, get unlimited resposnes upgrade to a no risk paid plan.

Dragon Speech[edit]. When mounted, dragons will give various responses to your commands.

Flight Rising Unofficial. For all your dragon drama needs!

Hello there, a site that I play on Flight Rising is having another registration soon!

You as an FR dragon. Mispelling of "pearlcatcher" was to fit character constraints (the same reason a few colors are missing.) (Use FR's Scrying Workshop to figure out what these look like).

The latest Tweets from Flight Rising (@flightrising). Official account for Flight Rising, a browser based game that takes place in a world of dragons.

Though no wonder the dragons are showing up as boxes with 'user posted image' in it. Normally that appears when a site is blocked by the school, but I know FR is not blocked, so that

Kongregate free online game Dragon Flight - As the sole survivor of the good dragons the young gold must fly through lands ridden with gia....

Can you match the Flight Rising dragon breeds? Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.

Different flights have different dragon deities representing them, and can slightly impact your