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Around 1% every 3-4 minutes with the screen off. I read an article about Safe Mode.. and before I got into Safe Mode I

It’s also powerful and feature-packed, but it’s not perfect. We’ve been digging around to see what GalaxyS7 Edge problems are cropping up most

View this info if your GalaxyS7 / S7 edge is unresponsive, frozen or won't power on or off.

The screen keeps going dim off and on...I have the brightness turned the whole way up with the auto adjust shut

. If you do not wish to have the always-on screen activated, you can turn it off. To turn it off, please follow our tutorial on disabling always-on mode for the

You may not know, a foreign SIM card can also play roles in the bypassing Samsung S7 lock screen process. This method can also help to get rid of

Your smartphone will vibrate and turn off; Then, it will reboot; Everything should work now as it normally does.

If not, here are the quick and easy steps to do it yourself. As a reminder, this willnot erase any data or content on your phone.

The problem manifests itself typically (but not exclusively) if you have the always on screen

The soft reset process willnot delete data from your phone. Hard Reset Via Phone Menus.

Start offby performing a soft reset by holding down the Power and Volume Down button until the screen turns off. You can then press and hold the

This will hopefully solve not registered on network error on GalaxyS7 Edge. Now the method that solves almost every kind of problem is wiping cache

Oversensitive screen. We’ve seen some GalaxyS7 users complaining that the display is simply too

Here are the potential fixes for GalaxyS7screen won’t turn on issue which is a very common issue and is reported by

This can be solved by turning off the screen or turning off the phone itself. Battery drains instead of charging.

My wife's s7willnot lock the screen. It is set to screen lock type: pin, fingerprint, lock automatically; 1 sec, Lock instantly with power key: on, but when screen times out or you turn screenoff, and turn it back on all you have to do is swipe the screen. Phone is unsecured if lost or stolen so I am hoping...

Turn the S7 Edge offby holding the Power button and then tapping Poweroff . When it’s off, hold down the Power , Volume up , and Home buttons

This step by step guide willnot only return your device to its original factory default state, but it is

We will this utility to flash this firmware on Samsung GalaxyS7 for repairing purpose.

That will take you to the admin / recovery screen. I didn't know it either and was thinking the recovery is corrupt or not working.

Not all OEMs do this though and others have had to carry around Power Banks to keep their

Guide: Step by Step guide to Fix GalaxyS7 / S7 Edge Screen Won’t Turn On.Here we share some useful step

Has your Samsung GalaxyS7 charging time increased recently? This guide will help you get the most out of

Verify that your phone charges wirelessly: This will come real handy, if your device is charging

If your GalaxyS7/GalaxyS7 Edge is frozen and the touchscreen becomes unresponsive then wait for few seconds at least 40-50 seconds to see whether automatic restart is initiated or not.

Today we will get into details about the causes of black screen of death and here are 4 effective solutions to fix your Samsung black screen right now.

Poweroff the Samsung GalaxyS7 completely. Then keep the power on/off button pressed to reboot the smartphone. Once the screen is activated and displays the samsung start logo

Now, this root method willnot trip KNOX and will disable your Samsung Pay but it IS REVERSIBLE by simply unrooting with a stock firmware.

Power button and volume down button have become unresponsive, say users. Many others have complained about malfunctioning of capacitive Recent Apps

The Samsung GalaxyS7 Edge is a stunning device that should have a long lifespan, so it's all the more annoying if it misbehaves.

It is not a secret or something new that the Samsung GalaxyS8 does not have removable battery but

Many GalaxyS7 users face GalaxyS7 slow charge issues. Furthermore, sometimes the S7 does not charge at all. Today, in the next few minutes, you

Not only will this help you avoid nuisance callers and telemarketers, but it’ll also help you to answer

The briefing screen is a TouchWiz feature that some GalaxyS7 carries have disabled by default.

Samsung's theme store makes it dead simple to change the overall look and feel of your GalaxyS7. With just a few taps, you can preview and apply themes built by Samsung and fellow Galaxy users

Now turn off your Sprint GalaxyS7/S7 Edge and boot it into the Download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at

You can disable Power Saving mode by opening Settings, battery then Power Saving mode. Tap the "Restrict background data"-setting to disable it.