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Does a timingchain (as opposed to timingbelt) need any specific maintenance? In particular I'm talking about a BMW Z4.

Mycarhas 132,000 miles, and I'm not sure when or if it has been changed. Is there any way to check? I've heard that the timingbelts in Audis can wreck the engines if they break...

To be clear, timingbelts and timingchainsdo the same thing: They connect the engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft, which is the piece of hardware

Had a 2001 VW and the timingchain shredded the engine(cost $12,000 to repair under warranty),any possibilty of this happening with our cars?

If a customer has experienced a timingbelt replacement before, they know that they have to plan for an expensive repair. Timingbelts can cost anywhere from

Timingchains and TimingbeltsCar owners often get confused between these two engine parts. Both carry out the function of coordinating the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft so as to control the engine valves and timings. However, there are some crucial differences that make one superior...

Now chains are making s comeback. My E30 BMW 325i had a belt while my current E36 328i has a chain.

Does this carhave a beltorchain? I just purchased this car and want to make it a daily driver. i assume if it is a chain I need not do anything.

mycarhas about 140k ... mechanic that replaced seals on around ignition coils said that i'll need new tensioners soon? is it hard to install? or

Your carhas a timingchain. Please let me know if you have further questions. Please do not forget to click a positive rating as this is the only way I receive credit for my answer, thank you.

Do Both Chains And Belts HaveTiming Covers? Yes, they do. However, on a chain driven engine you may see a steel timing cover with lots of bolts

A timingchain looks just like a bicycle chain, but much cleaner. The beauty of the timingchain is

They made a list of timingchain driven cars. You can find the original article here – https

Timingbelts are made of rubber and often have fiberglass or Kevlar woven in for extra strength. They tend to be very quiet when they rotate, but they do wear out and have to be replaced

Doesmycarhave a timingbeltortimingchain? I have been told I need a new drive - Toyota 1998 Corolla question.

Mycar stopped running the other day. I had it towed home and the engine will turn over but it won't start.

I am new here and I trying to find out any information I can on whether the Gen I has a timingbeltor a chain.

All models of BMW since 1993, all models of Cadillac, the Chevrolet Corvette, the Chrysler Neon and PT Cruiser, and all models of Mercedes except the 2012 A Class 1,461 cubic centimeter and Citan van havetimingchains instead of belts. Nearly 40 brands of cars use timingchains for a portion of...

All mycars bar my BMW E30 M3, BMW E30 3251 M-Tech Sport, BMW 1602 and my Toyota Celica have all been belt-driven.

Engine valve timing using a timingchain vs. timingbelt. What's under your car's hood? Is one better or worse?

TimingChain Replacement Cost Comparison. Below are some sample costs for having the timing

Unlike the belt, timingchains can last for your car's lifetime. Timingbelts, on the other hand, need to be replaced at certain

Do all cars now havetimingbelts, instead of chains? I suspect belts cost less than chains, so car companies skimp by using belts.

Does this carhave a timingbeltor a timingchain. T Yaris I have just bought has 106000 miles on the clock wondered if belt nedded changing.

does 1993 bmw 325i havetimingchainor belt? Submitted: 7 years ago ... Hello and welcome to justanswer.com.

Chaintiming drives: some vehicles use this metallic chain system because they usually last longer.

As the timingchain is situated within an engine, rather than being mounted adjacent to it, like a belt, accessing the chain dictates that the engine has to be dismantled partially, or, in some cases, removed from the car and stripped-down. In my experience, the most common engines to suffer from timing...

Doesmycarhave a timingbelt and doesmycarhave an interference engine? Some carshave a timingchain, which is more

Honda TimingBelt and TimingChain List - Your Car Angel - Your Car Angel Doesmy vehicle have a timingbeltortimingchain?

Timingchains however are a different story and will generally last the lifetime of the engine. There are no prescribed timingchain replacement intervals.

How Do I Know When My TimingBelt Might Break? Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to tell

A timingbelt is the ribbed belt that is placed in a specific configuration along one side of your engine to keep the crank and camshafts timed properly. Essentially, it keeps the top half of the engine (cylinder head, valves) in sync with the bottom half (crankcase, pistons). DoesMyCarHave A TimingBelt?

This begs the question: If a vehicle has a timingchain, when does it need to be replaced? What is the difference between the two?

Having the timingchain changed isn't cheap and if you're doing it ever 10k then you must have money growing out of your arse.

The timingbelt will give no warning before it breaks. It will just break one day even if you think it is fine.

Drive belts may or may not need to be replaced depending on their condition. When my Honda Civic hit 100k miles, I changed the timingbelt, water pump

Do I have a timingbeltorchain? I think it needs to be changed at 105K. What if I change at 115K How far more can I go without changing it?

Timing cover leak fix / timingchain replacement w, The bottom chain seems really loose too. you can move it from side to side pretty good too. there doesnt