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Elizabeth Warren would bring strength to the Democratic ticket where it’s lacking – which may be bad news for fundraising but great news for galvanizing voters.

I expect everyone to do the same and believe most do. I am romantic enough to still believe that America was created and intended to be a

Do those ‘Feelin the Bern’ share the same sentiments? If both party establishments gave their respective voters the big middlefinger, the

Her comments about a huge cross-section of voters betrayed the smugness of an out-of-touch elite. “This country’s heading for a revolution,” I thought.

California voters will effectively decide how much sway he’ll have over the mostly meaningless

With the vast majority of news outlets pointing to Hillary Clinton most likely inning the Presidential Election, it did come

‘We’re voting with our middlefinger,” a Trump supporter in South Carolina told a reporter last fall.

I give Herseth credit - her use of “overreacting” deviously implies that there are just a few very recent polls here and there showing negligible opposition to the war, and that

Themiddlefinger, extended with the other fingers held beneath the thumb, is thus documented to have expressed insult and belittlement for more than two

I did want to vote for the first woman," she said. "But I didn't want to vote for a woman because she was a woman." She watched the candidates debate and investigated their positions on a website that uses policy positions to tell voters which candidates most closely match their views.

Hillary Clinton's pick for vice president, now expected this Friday or Saturday, will tell prospective Democratic voters much about her attitude

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A quote from Hillary Clinton about Democratic voters' being 'stupid' and 'easy to manipulate' is a fabricated one.

When she returned to work the following week, she said, company executives told her she needed to resign. Ms. Briskman, 50, had violated the

And if Trump allows the Democrats and globalists to steal the White House from his movement by ousting Bannon, he will no longer have the moral high ground to complain about Russia because he will have effectively flipped double middlefingersto his voters and movement by siding with his...

Hillary Clinton of New York, and the kind of distasteful gotcha politics that occur in Washington. And he says, “That’s all right.

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A member of Hawaii’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has been kicked out of the group after she was caught on national television on Tuesday givingthemiddlefinger as U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz announced Hawaii’s delegate counts for Hillary Clinton.

Lyrics to "MiddleFinger" song by Bohnes: You show me love then spit in my face Making your money off all of my pain You put an eagle inside o...

Why did the politician lose his temper? According to German media, it might come down to two factors. Historically, German chancellors have either been Social

Themiddlefinger is one of our species' oldest and most ubiquitous insulting gestures. But why is waving one of your fingers offensive?

As if to emphasize the giant middlefingerto the establishment, Bernie Sanders currently leads Hillary Clinton in the Granite State.

The first step to creating themiddlefinger is to set the correct atmosphere, you'll want to be feeling a mix of anger and adrenaline. To aid in this we have chosen to consume aggressive punk music and a mix of BrewDog's "5am saint" and tesco energy drink (Not mixed in together of course, we're not...

TODAY, March 22nd, Hillary Clinton contests the next set of Democratic primary elections—in Arizona, Idaho and Utah—leading her rival Bernie Sanders by over 700 delegates. But her appeal among the Democratic electorate is by no means evenly spread.

PS3 – Givethemiddlefinger. While in a vehicle, make sure you don’t have any weapons selected (just cycle through them with the square button). Then press R1. Congratulations! You will be sticking up your middlefinger aka flipping the bird! Xbox 360 – How to stick up your middlefinger.

Moments later George Will gave rules for the voter who may identify as a Donald Trump supporter, saying such an insignificant slope-head should only be

On the surface, Democrats are eager to turn the page on the primary because they want to run against Trump with a unified party. But at a deeper level, their impatience reflects their anxiety about Clinton’s difficulty appealing to young voters. Even in her home state of New York, which gave her a sizable...