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Yes, you can gotoanyLAFitness facility, as long as you have a multi-club membership. If you have a single-club membership, you may only use the facility that you signed up at.

LAFitness is inviting co-ed RAC members with multi-club privileges to carry their memberships to one of the other four LAFitness clubs in Rochester area.

I went in to the LAFitness on a Saturday 7/29/2017 @ 9:00 am to cancel my membership. First let me say the guy at the front desk didn't even seem

If you’re an LAFitness member, check the stuff that was emailed to you when you subscribed. Again, please let me know in the comments if you WERE

Pool Buoy your fitness while going easy on your joints. * Training Personal Training Let our personal trainers create a workout plan for you that?s tailored

I go month-to-month and I can gotoanyLAFitness in Texas. This monthly fee is $20 less than what I was paying at 24 Hr Fitness.

LaFitness review with 7 Comments: I am 63, can not afford too pay extra just to go too any location my life is so busy sometime I maybe across town and need to goto a lafitness club.

Usually you can go up to the member services person working and tell them you want to cancel your membership.

I can't decide which one to goto. I've gotten good reviews from both. Obviously 24 hour fitness has the advantage of

If LAFitness refuses to cancel your membership and you still can’t get a hold of them, you can call your bank or credit card provider to stop recurring charges on your accounts.

LAFitness: Hours at LAFitness vary greatly by location, but my research shows that most LAFitness gyms open at about 5am and close between 10 and 11pm. Planet Fitness: A large majority of Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours, but check your local gym to be sure. That settles it. If you’re a...

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Tell them you want to join and they will pitch you on the $29.99 per month with the $99 initiation fee.

Yesterday, I wenttoLAFitness in Long Island and trying to cancel my gym membership. The front desk guy told me I have to come back tomorrow because they only make the cancellation from 9 AM to 5 PM. I ask: "What do you have to do to cancel the membership?" The guy said, “I have to click the...

LAFitness: Review. Something you forget about in all the excitement of College Graduation is the

With LAFitnessyou already just what to expect. You get to work out with health fitness facilities and equipment that are both familiar and comfortable, and also, you get to perform your routines in a conducive environment, around staff and trainers who are ready to meet your every need.

My friend and I wenttoLAfitness today to sign her up(I am already a member), and the sales person in there told us that the initiation(enrollment) fee

I find that LAFitness is not what it used to be. I called back several times to get a hold of someone

With [email protected], you get fitness training from Planet Fitness certified trainers at no extra charge. Get instruction on excercises, strength machines

I pay $26 and I can gotoanyLAfitness that exists. I got the best membership at the time (I think) and that was a long time ago so maybe that is why.

ALENE23 You could always tell 24-hour that you're leaving because they closed without notice and you broke your 227 day streak. . . okay, I'm a

Canyou pay to bring a guest to Planet Fitness?What do you need to bring guests to Planet Fitness?

LAFitness is a job not a career. You can expect to stay in the same position for years and not go anywhere, no matter how good you are at your job. There is no annual evaluations and raises so you can expect to make the same hourly rate. They do not want or allow you to do any overtime.

When joining LAFitness, you are required to pay first and last month's dues along with an initiation fee.

What's more is you have to give them 30 days notice (basically one more time they can charge you) BEFORE they

So if you like to go at really late hours than this gym offers that flexibility. I think 24 hours has the most locations spread out through LA.

Yougoto the gym to get stronger, more confident, and then look good. MOST will applaud you for trying. When I see somebody who is severely

Shame on youLAfitness. I had to insist that they call the police at the time of the incident, and they

LAFitness does not offer any formal training nor does it provide continuing education in the crucial area of managing personnel. LAFitness also uses a very narrow metric for promotion within its manager ranks. This simple metric used is “sales” if you’re a great salesman you get promoted.

To cancel your LAFitness membership: Goto your local gym and request a cancellation form.

Cancellation – We are sad to see yougo and hopeful you will return. Our goal is to make sure we

You want to make sure you’re comfortable there and the place suits your needs. Fitness centers know they have a better chance of getting you to join

Just make sure you head over to the LAFitness site to see the latest deals too as it can be quite affordable (if you are planning on going regularly).

LAFitness tells you the "ONLY" way you can cancel your membership is for you to physically go into the gym and they will print off cancellation forms, which you will have to mail out yourself. I sent my cancellations forms almost 2 weeks prior to having them take out the monthly gym fees.

Ironically, I wentto the LAFitness web site to see if that could shed any light to this incident and it just became worse. There is a three day guest pass option that you can print and bring in (a little old fashioned for a large company, but still it was available). The lesson here for others is that prospective...

Yougoto the gym to check it out and, during your tour, you see a random hair on the floor in the tanning room and you notice bits of dirt here and

La Fitnesse is high tech gymnasium and leading fitness & health club providing dance classes, aerobic classes,yoga

LAFitness interview details: 451 interview questions and 426 interview reviews posted anonymously by LA

do any former or current lafitness employees know how else to get this tax paperwork? i plan on calling my old location tomorrow to ask if there is a way to have it mailed... my next step then is to contact the irs and have THEM request it... lafitness is such a shady company, i'm just afraid this will...