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You can usually only get a SureStartMaternityGrant if you do not have other children aged under 16 in your family.

You can apply for a SureStartMaternityGrant if you or your partner get certain benefits such as Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance…..

If you’re on a low income and get certain benefits or tax credits, you could get a SureStartMaternityGrant.

You can apply from your child's second birthday up to the day your child is 3 years 6 months old.

You can also get a SureStartMaternityGrant for your dependant's new baby if your dependant is under 20 years old and has no other children.

"We have received your claim for a SureStartMaternityGrant. You will get a letter with a decision within 10 working days. You do not need to contact us. If we need anything further we will contact you".

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Surestartmaternitygrants are designed to assist with the burdensome costs of having a baby, such as the pushchair, cot, clothes and other equipment.

Hi - it depends on your circumstances. A lot of people think you can only get it if you are on job seekers allowance/income support etc but my midwife told me to apply with my last baby and we got it. I think it has something to do with the amount of child tax credit youget (has to be the higher award).

You have a range of rights during this period and can also request that your employer provides flexible working arrangements if you decide to return to

You can also claim SureStartMaternityGrant if you are getting Income Support, income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-related Employment Support Allowance or Pension Credit. The grant is available for your first baby. You can only claim for other births if there are no other children under...

You usually qualify for the grant if: • you’ve no other children – unless you’re expecting a multiple birth (eg

You could get one of these: statutory maternity pay: the standard type of maternity pay - if you're entitled to this it's the legal minimum your employer can

You’re expecting your first child – or you’re expecting a multiple birth (eg twins or triplets) and have children

CHILDREN AXING the pounds 500 SureStartmaternitygrant for 262,000 lowincome families with more than one child saved pounds 75m.

SureStartMaternity Payment. A payment for pregnant women and new mothers on a low income.

Having a secondchild and handling two kids can be a bit overwhelming at first. Getting organized before the baby is born is your best bet, even though that might be challenging. You'll be busier, and your once organized schedule might be stretched to the limit. You might tire more easily, even before...

The SureStartMaternityGrant will be awarded to you if either you or your partner is in receipt of income support, income-based jobseekers allowance, pension credit, child tax credit or working tax credit.However, one of the following instances must also apply to you

Maternity leaves can be combined with any other kind of leaves including CCL and can be taken without medical certificate up to one year in

A maternity leave of absence can begin in your ninth month — or earlier, with medical documentation (restoration of health leave) — and continues during your recuperation period, which is six weeks after your baby’s birth in a routine pregnancy and eight weeks with a C-section with medical documentation.