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Bandai Namco's popular game KatamariDamacy Reroll is finally coming to PC via Steam on December 7. It will be a totally remastered version.

KatamariDamacy is out at last in an HD remaster of the original adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Here's how to get the ball rolling.

KatamariDamacy Reroll has gotten a demo, which is now immediately available on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop. The demo plays in English on

You can either get up to about 3m16cm to get the cow, or you can try to bump the cow and quickly grab Miso while the cow isn't moving.

On PC, you’re able to play with the keyboard as well, but it was so counterintuitive I wasn’t able to get past the tutorial. Other than that, KatamariDamacy is

KatamariDamacy is ridiculous. It’s a vast amount of good ridiculous, with a smattering of bad

When you are playing KatamariDamacy Reroll you might need to forward some ports in your router. Forwarding ports is a useful trick in gaming because it can really help to make your network connection most stable and on occasion even faster. Routers were not designed to allow incoming network...

UPDATE 14/9/18: Following on from KatamariDamacy Reroll's debut during last night's Nintendo Direct, publisher Bandai Namco has revealed that

Canyou imagine how addictive a portable KatamariDamacy would be like?...I'd get on the bus just so I have a reason to play it. No mods.

KatamariDamacy at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.

Amazing KatamariDamacy is one of the thousands of fun games that you should play. It’s a game where the endless runner is extremely fun to mix from the original with a new, more appropriate style on the phone, and it really makes people remember much about KatamariDamacy when it was first...

A description of tropes appearing in KatamariDamacy. The King of All Cosmos gets drunk one night and accidentally destroys all the stars in the Great

KatamariDamacy Reroll was revealed this week during the pretty massive Nintendo Direct. During Nintendo's latest video presentation, we got news on

A guide on how to collect all the presents in KatamariDamacy. All Present Locations Scarf Where

Play KatamariDamacy online - Enjoy playing the PlayStation 2 game now online in flash version.

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Eventually, your katamari reaches a size where you can pick up small animals.

KatamariDamacy is a concept that blends well with the infinite runner genre. The console game was about moving your ball over small objects to make your ball larger, and this game does exactly that. You can't control your speed and obstacles are abound. You can slide left to right(not on a track) and...

KatamariDamacy is an Action, Puzzle, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Namco. The gameplay is a mix of Third-person Puzzle and Action elements and takes place in the 3D beautiful world. The story revolves around a prince who is on an epic mission to rebuild the...

KatamariDamacy, loosely translated as “clump spirit” in Japanese, is a video game published by Namco in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. Originally, the game was only published in Japan, but interest grew in Western audiences prompting Namco to publish a limited and low-cost release of the game...

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You can also check KatamariDamacy system requirements and get some additional info regarding them on our website.

It's the same as Katamari... The numbers you see on the menu mean how many little alien dudes with the balls that grab shit there are that follow your

KatamariDamacy. Click the "1 Play" camel to guide one katamari, "2 Play" to guide two, "3 Play" to guide three or "6 Play" to guide six katamaris. Click the arrow on the top of the pyramid to reveal the "48 Play" option.

KatamariDamacy is an exciting Action Game and published on Jan 6th, 2012 and has been played 29,414 times and has a rating of 59% after 178 votes. Click the "1 Play" camel to guide one katamari, "2 Play" to guide two, "3 Play" to guide three or "6 Play" to guide six katamaris.

But KatamariDamacy, which debuted in North America in 2004, did find a fan base. That’s because it is a truly excellent game with one hell of a sound track. It has since spawned a number of sequels — although Bandai Namco has slowed down on supporting the game both in the West and in Japan.

It seems like you can't possibly count every single detailed dollhouse object in the well-loved KatamariDamacy, but someone is trying—and the item

Amazing KatamariDamacy is one of those games that you just want to play. It’s a super fun endless runner that mixes the delicious chaos of the console

You can spend gems to get them into the sky quicker though. Alongside coins, which you can use to upgrade the buffs you pick up along the road, these also give

KatamariDamacy also includes a two-player battle mode where you and a friend can see who can