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So couldyougetacar like that for2500 if you bought it from a trustworthy sealer or should i just save up some more money and if so how long.

i just wrote a question ,im looking for a older good used jeep,but not too much money, cause i dont want finance. i want to make a deal,with the dealer

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You could getacar title loan but I think they have a pretty high interest rate so... Good Luck.

I need agood ecnomical car worth the $1000-$2500 price range used car. One that wont waste gas. I sorta like a big car but can%26#039;t find one 4 cylinders.

But to help youget going, we can show you a car insurance rate comparison for the same hypothetical driver and car, using average rates

You can get some good deals on Craigslist from private owners.A 10-15 year old well maintained Toyota Corolla should be available in your price range.

You can't find agoodcarfor $1000, but you can find plenty of "good for $1000" cars. The strategy here is to find something that runs now, and maximize the chances that you can get 6-12 additional months' use out of without making a major repair...

You’re simply not gettingagood deal if you have to extend your loan out to six, seven, or even eight years to fit the payment into your monthly budget.

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So where should you go to getagood used carfor $1000 or less? Let’s start at the nadir and work our way from there to Cheap Car Heaven.

I have been in car sales for about 8 years, I have seen really shy people become great salesmen, and i have seen some outgoing, life of the party people

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What's the bestcarfor poor people? Poverty is no joke, and getting no-jokier by the minute. Add to that, in most places, reliable…

The bestcarsfor dogs have a separate cargo area with plenty of room, although it’s important to ensure

Getting pre-approved for a car loan is a much better option than waiting until youget to the dealership for financing.

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But if you like to change cars every few years, if you take good care of your vehicle and if you don't generally drive long distances, leasing can be agood deal.

Gettingacar loan is fairly easy, but smart people save a ton on auto financing. Avoid overpaying: Learn how to finance a car the smart way.

The 20% rule is the best rule to calculate how much canyou can afford if you want to be rich.

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But car buying can also be an intimidating experience. How do you know you're gettingagood deal?

You can getagood idea of your old vehicle’s value using the same Edmunds TMV pricing you worked with before. Alternatively, you can sell your old vehicle privately or at a used-car superstore such as CarMax.

Ready to sell your junk carfor $500 or more to a salvage yard near you? Then this is a must read before you pick up that phone.

Shopping for a car loan before shopping for a car may seem counterintuitive, but it’s useful. It gives you an idea of how much you can borrow (and at what interest rate), which means you don’t need to make financing decisions on the fly at the dealership. Start at your bank or credit union, then get...

If you own a car that you plan to drive only for another year, the last thing you want to do is to buy a new set of tires. If it’s time to replace those tires though