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If you have any doubts about whether you need surgery at any point, seek a second opinion, he says. Surgery is always a joint decision between you

On the surgical correction of prominent ear, I agree with Elizabeth’s answer. In my country patients require relative long time for their decision making to select surgical correction.

Going Back to Work If you’re on disability, then you’ve come to count on your monthly benefits as a consistent source of income to pay bills and take care of everyday living

Slight cold does not have any effect on lasik surgery; you can take some medicine to recovery. But if you have a cough or a fever, you can not have this surgery, because the cough will affect the process and the effect of

Ihavesurgery tomorrow morning at about 6am and my sinuses are a little backed up. Am I going to get sent home or will I be able to get the surgery?

We have a phrase in spine surgery that we use a lot as patients recover: "maintain spine precautions."

Having spine surgery is a big decision, and it's in your best interest to ask relevant questions so you know how to prepare, how to select a well qualified surgeon, and what to expect both

Apparently, the 'rules' are that you have to have an unsuccessful backsurgery first, especially when you are a surgical candidate!!

If you have, what seems like never ending medical bills, you might be tempted to pay them off in full with credit cards to get your doctor(s) off your back.

Backsurgery is covered by most health insurance plans if ordered by a doctor. According to eSpine.com[2] , the website of a Los Angeles back

You'll always have some pain after havingsurgery. Tell your nurse as soon as you start to feel any pain so they can give you painkilling medication as

You can have internal sutures or external sutures on the skin, but it's the deep sutures that are really what's prohibitive to gettingback to your normal

IfI were to havesurgery and was terminated due to not returning at the 4 week time the company is stating would I be eligible for any type assistance until I

When canIgetback? This is what people really want to know if they have the ski-fever. And with a new focus on Activity Preservation, we are putting more and more focus on

Indeed, Ihad learned something. Now, just weeks after having had two more vertebrae fused, I can happily report that my recovery was vastly better. Here are six tips I picked up that can make it easier for you, whether it’s your first or later backsurgery

Backsurgeryhas some risks, including infection, nerve damage, and the chance that the surgery won't relieve your symptoms.

If you havehad major surgery and have more swelling, it is very important to keep your foot elevated most of the time. Caring for the Surgical Area.

Ihad brought a little boy from Africa into my home to receive medical care one year prior. His caregiver from Africa had recently left and I was now alone trying to manage all of

Recovering from a surgery can be a lot more fun when you get great get well cards from friends and family.

If you are fired or let go, you may be wondering if you are eligible to receive unemployment payments. In most cases, the answer is no, but there are certain circumstances when an employee who was fired may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

Getting sick before surgery may mean a delay for your procedure. Find out what you should do and how to have the best possible surgery.

Backsurgeryhas some risks, including infection, nerve damage, and the chance that the surgery won't relieve your symptoms. And even if you get better with surgery, there is a chance that you may get new symptoms in the future. If you don't choose surgery now, you can change your mind later if...

If you have an upcoming backsurgery, there are some useful things to know beforehand that can help you get through the surgery more easily. You want to try to recover in the healthiest way possible. Whether you are having a spinal fusion, disc replacement, or other procedure, there are several...

Not all owners can afford the expensive surgery that cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) repair surgery typically requires.

CanIget Top Surgery? Some Surgeons require clients to be 18 years or older for surgery, while others will perform

“If they don’t have one, they’re hiding something or haven’t operated enough to have one.

If you live with others, you’ll probably get to go home that day, if your surgery is early enough.

Before 1929, if you are injured on the job the only recourse you had was to sue your employer.

I read somewhere that 95% of backsurgery patients could have gotten along fine without surgeryif they had used contemporary repairing techniques similar to that of the McGill

Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery in Alabama can help you today.

Get the facts. Your options. Havesurgery now to repair the inguinal hernia

If you have laparoscopic surgery, you may recover sooner. A synthetic patch or mesh may be used to repair your hernia.

Ihavesurgery next week to correct a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, and bone spurs in my right

I recently got an MRI back that says Ihave "There is a large extradural mass extending posterior to the L4-5 or L5-S1 intervertebral discs most likely L5-S1.

Remember, some golfers who have been forced to have backsurgery don't think they can ever play golf

If your question is not answered below, feel free to ask about it in the comments and I’d be happy to respond there. Before the surgery: Why should Iget jaw surgery?