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Are middleagedwhitemen really being silenced and oppressed by a horde of ravening minority groups determined to destroy the joint?

3. "If I were a middleagedwhiteman" "If I were a middleagedwhiteman, I wouldn't write articles called 'If I Were a Poor BlackKid' for Forbes," says Louis Peitzman in The Huffington Post. After all, "a title like that" would pretty much guarantee that nobody would pay any attention to any legitimate...

With a title like that, it wouldn't matter what points I was making. You are not a poor blackkid, tech writer Gene Marks -- you never were

The rate of suicide is highest in middle-agewhitemen in particular. In 2017, men died by suicide 3.54x

I am a middleagedwhite guy who comes from a middle class white background. So life was easier for me. But that doesn’t mean that the prospects are impossible for those

Middle-agedwhite males have seen a slight decrease in mortality over the past decade, but that gain has has been

Racial identity has been making waves in recent years, yet what is referred to as "transracialism" is deemed as cultural appropriation.

Since 1999, whitemen and women ages 45 through 54 have endured a sharp increase in “deaths of despair,” Case

Why are middle-agedwhitemen in the United States now living shorter lives?

He spoke to students in Georgia as young as 5 to gauge whether kids still have a racial bias at a young age in 2010. The video is interesting yet disturbing.

White and middleaged - Auckland Council is less diverse than the city it runs. Auckland is one of the world's most ethnically diverse cities - but its council isn't.

What about his racial identity? And what about his height identity? Those are the questions one man posed to college students in Washington state.

Atlantic concludes that middle-agedwhites “are dying of despair”. This feels personal to me. My father was a high-school-educated white who was an adolescent during the Depression.

As CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller said during the news conference, the series is “exactly what you would expect from Kevin James.”

A recently identified rise in mortality among middle-age, whiteAmericans has more to do with "a lack of progress"

As a black woman raising two beautiful biracial children, I disagree. I want my kids to love being black.

The movie is about a man who travels across the American West in search of his niece, who has been abducted. But to Brooks, it is a grave metaphor for the death of true masculinity and the suffering that Americanmen have felt due to current economic struggles: Over the past few decades, millions of...

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During an innocent family outing in the wilderness, Waterman’s young daughter Joanna becomes separated from her family leaving Manganinnie, who has been hiding in the area, to take Joanna into her care. Manganinnie explores a dark chapter in Australian history and delivers a richly textured tale...

And not all cashed up, middle-agedwhite audio dudes are the same. I’m 43 years old but still find it impossible to identify with: those would who refer to electronic music as ‘doof doof’; who are appalled by hip-hop; who reckon modern music is crap and that they don’t make songs like they used to; who...

I'ma balding 32 year old white accountant dude who loves the damn shoes but can't pull them off.

As the air above a surface reaches saturation point the rate of evaporation (and transpiration) slows down and stops.

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When does middleage actually start? Is it when you hit 50? Or when you send your first kid off to college?

AmericanWhites, in their middle years, used to expect to outperform their parents; they used to expect to become better-educated and higher-income than their parents. Perhaps they no longer do. One cannot say that the white majority has suffered more than minorities have suffered during the...

What happens to middleagedwhitemen with only a high school education when white skin privilege is no longer enough to secure a safe haven in

Age appears to have an effect on penile dimensions after the age of 50, as average penis girth (width/circumference) during erection lessens, whilst penis length remains the same. After the age of 50 and sometimes before, men start to experience various sexual health related issues, such as ED...

An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston.

Middle-Aged Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

White House posts 'deeply weird' photo for Melania's birthday.

Francisco Goya as Representative of Modern Art.

“When whiteman find land, Indians running it, not taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women do all the work, medicine man free

Is economic malaise killing middle-agewhiteAmericans, particularly those without college degrees? Two years ago, two married Princeton professors, Anne Case and Angus Deaton, released an alarming study, showing that white middle-agedAmericans were suddenly dying much more frequently than...